Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions for your kind reference. If you still have questions you wish to clarify, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via my Contact page.


What is coaching? How is it different from therapy, consulting and mentoring?

Do view the video above as it will help you provide a clearer picture on what is coaching.

In this video, you will understand the differences are as follows:-


1. Therapists focus on the past and work with you to fix what’s broken. As a Life Coach, we do not focus on past issues or traumas because we are not psychologists or psychotherapists. Life coaching focuses on the present and on how we can move you forward towards your ideal life.


2. Consultants usually provide quantitative analysis and create roadmaps for organisational change and are paid to provide you with answers. Consulting is also more expertise based as they provide you with a solution in a specific area and do not address your intrinsic and emotional needs.


3. Mentors are already experts in their fields and are helping others who are less experienced to achieve success.


However, a professional coach will ask powerful questions to empower you and is focused on helping you design your own future by creating a goal plan. On top of this, as a Life Coach, I will help to remove your self-limiting beliefs such as fears and self-doubt so that your inner self is strengthened. When you are emotionally and mentally prepared, you have greater chances of success to stay committed and take action to ensure you achieve your goal plan.


As a very simple analogy, coaches will not provide you with the fish but instead will teach you how to catch the fish yourself. This approach is much more effective as this addresses your long-term needs to be independent and successful.


What benefits will I gain from hiring a Life Coach?

  • You will discover what you really want in life and how to move closer towards your life’s goal.

  • You will stay focused as we will develop a monitoring and feedback system for follow-ups.

  • You will shed your self-limiting beliefs and emerge as a more confident and empowered individual

  • You will have better time management to achieve your results faster.

  • You will stay motivated and will not be easily distracted by unimportant diversions that waste your time.

  • You will have a support structure that will guide you along the way to ensure you are not derailed.


Why  should I hire a Life Coach when I can reach the goals on my own?

Most of us have many goals we want to achieve in life but we often feel overwhelmed and drowned by our current commitments and schedules. What you need to do is de-clutter your life and focus on what’s really important with the help of a Life Coach. Even professional athletes need the help of a sports coach to steer them in the right direction for tangible and faster results. A Life Coach will provide you with the added advantage and head-start above everybody else.


What is the typical duration of coaching?

The coaching duration will vary as it depends on what you would like to work on. You can determine the number of coaching sessions you require. If it is only a simple project or issue that you wish to work on, the coaching can be done in 3 sessions or less. However, if you wish to have a holistic coaching life plan, we can discuss further on your requirements as each client is different. The main objective is to ensure you have made progress. If at any point you feel that the coaching session is not according to your needs, you can request to discontinue.


What are some of the areas I can work on with a Life Coach?

As long there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, there is room for life coaching. Below are some areas that people work with a Life Coach on:

  • Planning and setting life goals

  • Shedding fear and breaking out to achieve your dream

  • Building stronger relationships

  • Time management and having a well-balanced life

  • Discovering your passion and core values

  • Removing confusion and finding your sense of purpose

  • Managing a crucial life transition


These are just a few examples of what you can discuss with me as your Life Coach and there are many other areas which you can cover.