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I love watching movie trailers and I thought it would be amazing if I could create trailers for my book as well! Hope you'll enjoy watching these trailers and please feel free to share it with other people too! 


Whatever we do in life, regardless if it is making money, having relationships and achieving goals, it is all in the hopes of being happy. 


But what exactly is happiness? This is perhaps one of the most elusive questions that continue to fascinate, confuse and mystify most of us. Is happiness something to be acquired? Is our happiness dependent on others? Is happiness equivalent to a perfect life?


In “Be Happy Now”, I write on how one does not need to live in the past or wait for tomorrow to be happy. In reality, all of us can already be happy now.


In this book, i share personal anecdotes and experiences that have helped shaped my perspective and mindset on the meaning of happiness.


My fascination with happiness began because I was constantly questioning myself on what it truly meant to be happy. I found that in spite of my milestones, friends or the material things that I had, my happiness never lasted and it only represented fleeting moments of pleasure.


In reality, most of us are still unable to understand what really makes us happy. As children, we have been conditioned from young that we can only be happy when we achieve financial success and material wealth. As a result of this conditioning, we feel miserable and a huge sense of lack if we are deemed to be unsuccessful in the eyes of society. 


But was this conditioning actually true? Can we only be happy when we have more money, power and fame? Is our happiness equivalent to the dollars in our bank account? Are we only allowed to be happy when others think we are worthy of their attention? Will we only be happy when we have met the perfect partner?


After much reflection, I discovered what it truly meant to be happy which resulted in the creation of this book. I wrote this book with the main objective to help others understand that they are truly the creators of their own happiness.


Research has shown that only 10% of our happiness is due to external sources. A full 90% is based on our inner environment from intentional activities such as self-reflection, mindfulness and gratitude.


If we rely on external sources to be happy, we will be heavily dependent on other people, objects and experiences. The problem happens because we are no longer in control of our own happiness. In addition, because these external sources only give us temporary pleasure, we will be constantly chasing after external sources to make us happy.


The attachment and clinging to external sources only lead to suffering and disillusionment because they are impermanent in nature. If we seek happiness internally, it is authentic and can continue to grow and flourish in spite of the circumstances surrounding us.


It is my sincere hope that this book will help you understand that you do not need to live in the past or wait for tomorrow to be happy, you can be happy now. 


I am also pleased to mention that my second book "Being Happy in Tough Times" is now available since July 2018! 


Most of us would like our lives to be smooth and free of obstacles, but that isn't often the case. Fear not, as these challenges can potentially strengthen us. While the first book is about not waiting for the past or future to be happy, this second book highlights that it is still possible to find joy in times of adversity. Being happy is not about ignoring our challenges or emotions but to understand that we can choose how we respond to them. 


I also share my personal stories and other examples to show that we can learn from challenges in life. More importantly, it is how we can stay optimistic and continue to move forward without losing our joy.