My name is Siew Yen and I am a Certified Professional Life Coach with the Corporate Coach Academy, Asia's leading and fullest fledged International Coaching Federation (ICF) coaching school. I am also a member of the local coaching community called the Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches. 


As a life coach, I am focused on unlocking the true potential of individuals to achieve their goals and elevate them to another level of growth. As an ICF-trained coach, I will take you on a journey to discover your true potential to achieve your goals in life. Very often, most people will have enthusiasm when they first embark on a goal. However, the enthusiasm eventually tapers off because they face roadblocks, distractions and they do not believe that they can overcome them. As your  Life Coach, I will motivate you to stay on course to live your best life.

My focus is to also help others have a happier mindset in order to achieve success. A happier mindset provides you with a competitive advantage and edge for getting ahead. The Psychological Bulletin of the American Psychological Association has published a study whereby happiness contributes towards reinforcing positive emotions which motivates people to undertake new goals and succeed at them. Happier people have a strong self-perception of themselves and are more confident, optimistic and productive which helps them to achieve their goals faster.

From a very young age, I have also enjoyed writing and have now written two books.


The first book is entitled "Be Happy Now" and is meant to help others understand  that they do not need to live in the past or wait for tomorrow to be happy, they can be happy now. 


My second book is entitled "Being Happy in Tough Times" and highlights that it is still possible to find joy in times of adversity. 


I also have more than a decade of in-depth working experience in the field of strategic branding, public relations and corporate communications. 


My other passion lies in capturing unforgettable moments and an individual's personality as a portrait photographer. I am an avid music lover and I continue to be inspired by the creativity that surrounds me and the everyday miracles that life has to offer.